Friday, 8 April 2011

Pit & the Pendulum is today's featured article on Wikipedia

Yep! Someone at Wikipedia must have a Vincent Price/Roger Corman fetish as it's today's featured article.

Great to see an old classic up there with the best.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

His Kind of Woman gets a UK DVD release

From Odeon Entertainment's Hollywood Studio Collection comes the 9 May DVD release of the Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell 1950s melodrama.

Deported gangland boss Nick Ferraro (Raymond Burr) has hatched a scheme to re-enter the States and take charge of his crime racket. Dan Milner (Robert Mitchum) is a professional gambler who is roughed up by Ferraro's hoods and then offered $50,000 to leave America and head to the remote Mexican resort of Morros Lodge.En route, Milner bumps into the beautiful Lenore Brent (Jane Russell), a nightclub singer and mistress of Hollywood star Mark Cardigan (Vincent Price). As Milner settles into the rich playground of Morros Lodge, his every move is watched by Thompson (Charles McGraw), one of Ferraro's henchmen.Realising that he may be in over his head, Milner decides to make his own enquiries as to the identity of his paymaster. But Nick Ferraro is not the type of man to be investigated...

"Both Mitchum and Russell score strongly. Russell's full charms are fetchingly displayed in smart costumes that offer the minimum of protection." VARIETY