Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Vincent Price Presents #14 is now available in stores from Bluewater Productions. The issue is written by Mel Smith and Paul H. Birch, with art by Adriano and a fantastic cover by Mel Smith.

Here's how Bluewater describes the issue: 'Dr. Phibes is back in another new adventure. As the new world prepares to ring out the old millennium, Inspector Trout arrives in New York City to be greeted by a series of macabre murders and the knowledge that his arch-nemesis, Dr. Anton Phibes is behind them!'

Vincent Price Presents #14 is 32 pages, costs US$3.99 and is as collectable as the previous issue, below.

Vincent Price #13. 'Investigating a bad actor's death, Inspector Trout joins Thanatos, a mysterious man involved with Dr. Phibes' past, into a journey to London's sewers. They, they discover what happened to the master of bizarre murder.'

Masque of the Red Death Collectors Model

We can't wait for the September release of this fantastic new 12" collector's figure.