Wednesday, 23 December 2015

When Vincent Price met Jimmy Stewart at the Easy Valley Festival of Art

'God bess Vincent Price'
On 13 February 1972, Vincent Price played a parody of himself as 'one of Hollywood’s most ardent appreciators of fine arts' who also 'makes the best scary pictures in the world' when he guest starred in The Jimmy Stewart Show

Price Is Right 
This episode honored Vincent's real-life appreciation of the arts as it finds him tracking down a portrait of Jimmy's granddad by a notoriously witty Victorian artist, Sir Murdock Mackenzie, and ends up becoming the special judge of the Easy Valley Festival of Art. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Jake seizes on the chance to capitalise on Vincent's popularity...

It's a terrific episode which perfectlty captures Vincent's fun side. It was also one of those TV shows (like Batman and The Brady Bunch) which introduced me to Vincent Price (when I too was just 8). Watch it in full below.     

The Jimmy Stewart Show - Price Is Right (with... by DemonPreyer1

Saturday, 19 December 2015

When Jack Benny met Vincent Price for some nutty laughs!

Check out this hilarious vintage episode of The Jack Benny Show from 6 December 6, 1953, in which guest star Vincent Price gives Jack a lesson in English while competing for a film role opposite Irene Dunn.... it's 'ginger peachy' and begins at 15:05 into the programme.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Switch on the Bikini Machine and release the Girl Bombs - Dr Goldfoot turns 50!

Can you believe it! Vincent Price's spoof supervillain Dr Goldfoot turned 50 this year!

It was on 6 November 1965 that American Interational Pictures released their hilarious spy parody which also featured Beach Party star Frankie Avalon and Dobie Gillis actor Dwayne Hickman alongside Jack Mullaney as Goldfoot's goofy assistant Igor, the fabulously gruff Fred Clark and the lovely Susan Hart (who was the wife of AIP chief James H Nicholson).

Boasting a rousing theme tune from The Supremes, a great chase sequences through the streets of San Francisco, cameos from Beach Party alumini Annette Funicello and Harvey Lembeck, three Playboy Playmates, and the set from Pit and the Pendulum, Dr Goldfoot was such a success that it resulted in a promotional TV special, The Wild Weird World of Dr Goldfoot and a sequel (directed by legendary Mario Bava) the following year. 

Both films are now out on Blu-ray in the US from Kino Lorber, but only time will tell if a UK version will follow. Until then, here's Vincent's best bit (watch out for Land of the Giant's Deanna Lund as No8) and the trailer from the first...  

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Jim Manzie's From a Whisper to a Scream original soundtrack now available in the UK

Over in the US, Terror Vision have released Jim Manzie's terrific score to Jeff Burr's 1989 horror flick, From A Whisper To a Scream, on 180 gram black vinyl, as well in an assortment of colours (depending on if you are a subscriber or mail order). It comes packaged in retro style 'Tip-On' Gatefold Jacket with color inner sleeve featuring liner notes by Burr and Manzie.

Now if you are not in the US and are frightened off my the shipping charges (which are high), I've been able to track down the UK outlets where you add this release to your VP soundtrack collection. 



Monday, 7 December 2015

Vincent Price on All-Star Family Feud | When Batman took on Lost in Space

Now does anyone remember seeing this first time round? Back in 1983 the cast of Batman, which included Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig were joined by Lee Meriwether (Catwoman) and Vincent Price (Egghead) to take on the cast of Lost in Space in an episode of the popular US quiz show All-Star Family Feud.

Well, thanks to some kind YouTubers, here's that episode in full. My favourite bits are watching June Lockhart (aka Maureen Robinson) getting excited every time her team gets a question right and Vincent doing a jig at the end.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Dan Schneider Interviews… on Vincent Price

Yesterday I was invited to talk about Vincent's life and legacy with Dan Schneider who runs the hugely popular video interview series on his Cosmoetica website.

Here I am discussing Vincent's early years and his rise to becoming the king of horror, his TV shows and lifelong love of the visual arts, and his tour de force achievements on both screen and stage. I do so hope you enjoy it.