Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Vincent Price Presents #14 is now available in stores from Bluewater Productions. The issue is written by Mel Smith and Paul H. Birch, with art by Adriano and a fantastic cover by Mel Smith.

Here's how Bluewater describes the issue: 'Dr. Phibes is back in another new adventure. As the new world prepares to ring out the old millennium, Inspector Trout arrives in New York City to be greeted by a series of macabre murders and the knowledge that his arch-nemesis, Dr. Anton Phibes is behind them!'

Vincent Price Presents #14 is 32 pages, costs US$3.99 and is as collectable as the previous issue, below.

Vincent Price #13. 'Investigating a bad actor's death, Inspector Trout joins Thanatos, a mysterious man involved with Dr. Phibes' past, into a journey to London's sewers. They, they discover what happened to the master of bizarre murder.'

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