Wednesday, 15 December 2010

LoveFilm loves Vincent Price

OMG! I've just stumbled on a real find. If you live in the UK and subscribe to LoveFilm you can now view a host of Vincent Price classics anytime you want, through their Watch Now streaming service.

To save you the time, here's my Vincent Price LoveFilm playlist:

The Ten Commandments (1956)
House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Fall of the House of Usher (1960)
Tales of Terror (1962)
The Raven (1963)
The Haunted Palace (1963)
War Gods of the Deep (1965)
House of 1000 Dolls (1967)
The Oblong Box (1969)
Scream and Scream Again (1970)
Cry of the Banshee (1970)
Madhouse (1974)
The Monster Club (1980)

Now isn't this a great idea. Do you know of any other streaming services like this? If so, email me now.

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