Thursday, 24 March 2011

How egg-citing! Egghead's taking over Gotham City on ITV4

Batman, Thursday, 3pm & Friday 8.45am, ITV4 (Sky 120, Virgin 118, Freeview 24, Freesat 117)

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind causes trouble for the caped crusaders in An Egg Grows in Gotham when he forms an alliance with Mohican Chief Screaming Chicken in an attempt to take Gotham City. Then, in The Yegg Foes in Gotham, Egghead claims Gotham City for his own as the Dynamic Duo are eggs-communicated.

For more on these episodes, including clips from the show, head on over to my Batman page at (The Sound of Vincent Price).

And here's something novel. Egghead has raised his bulbous cranium once again in Issue 16 of the comic Batman: The Brave and the Bold. How egg-cellent is that?

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