Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sky Classics premieres The Invisible Man Returns in HD tonight

Tuesday 24 May, Sky Classics (Sky 311, HD 311/346; Virgin 411)

Vincent Price appears for just one minute of screen time before turning into a disembodied voice for this 1940 sequel to Universal's The Invisible Man.

Price plays Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe, a man who is sentenced to death for his brother's murder Michael, a crime he did not commit. Dr Griffin, the brother of the original invisible man, injects Radcliffe with an invisibility drug, which allows him to escape in a bid to hunt down the real killer. But withthe drug slowly turning him insane, time is running out for Radcliffe to uncover the truth and find a cure to his malady.

Showing as part of Sky Classics season of Universal Horrors in glorious HD.

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