Friday, 17 June 2011

Witchfinder General gets its UK Blu-ray release, with never before seen extras

Michael Reeves' horror classic Witchfinder General gets a digitally remastered Blu-ray release in the UK, available from 13 June 2011.

Set during the English civil war as the Royalists battle Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads for control, Witchfinder General stars Vinnie in his most perfectly malevolent role as Matthew Hopkins, who tours the land offering his services as a persecutor of witches, aided by his sadistic accomplice John Stearne (Robert Russell). But he meets his match in a young cornet (Ian Ogilvy) when he violates the man's wife to be (Hilary Dwyer).

The extras is this new release include:
• Audio Commentary with Michael Reeves biographer Benjamin Halligan and Director Michael Armstrong.
• Documentary: The Blood Beast: The Films of Michael Reeves (24mins)
• Documentary: Bloody Crimes: Witchcraft and Matthew Hopkins (24mins)
• Vincent Price on Aspel & Company (10mins)
• Intrusion: Michael Reeves Short Film with optional commentary. (Never before commercially released)
• Alternate Scenes from the Export Version.
• Theatrical Trailer and Stills Gallery.
• Alternate US opening and closing credits.

Coming soon! My review on this release.

In meantime, if you are a UK resident, you can watch the film for free using the BBC's iPlayer service until 19 June.

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