Friday, 22 July 2011

House of a Thousand Dolls on Horror Channel tonight!

Horror Channel (Sky 319; Virgin 149; Freesat 138)
Friday 22 July 10.55pm

If you have never seen this Euro-thriller before then you are in for a treat.
Vincent Price plays a nightclub magician while Martha Hyer is his mentalist cohort. Together they hyponitise women who are then sent to the infamous House of Dolls where they are forced into prostitution.

Maria Rohm (aka Mrs Harry Alan Towers, the film's producer) is one of the kidnapped girls, while George Nader (aka Rock Hudson's former lover) is the boyfriend who goes searching for her.

Despite the film's bad synching, poor colours and ropey script, its actually not that bad (and not remotely sleazy, despite the exploitation ad campaigns of the day). The best thing for about the film is the location shooting (in Tangiers and Madrid) and the catchy theme which is performed by Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers and is written by Don Black.

As for the 1000 dolls, well you only ever get to see a handful in their skimpy lingerie and fluffy mules.

Catch it again on Friday 29 July at 12.40am

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