Friday, 29 July 2011

Watch Vincent Price in the ultra-rare 1974 documentary Death Trap

Death Trap (aka The Tender Trap), 1974
Oxford Scientific Films
Written, produced and directed by Hugh Falkus, Bill Travers, James Hill

In four parts, here's an extremely rare documentary hosted by Vincent Price and featuring some extraordinary footage of carnivorous plants, shot by Oxford Scientific Films.

Watch it now on my YouTube Channel at MrPrice07.

Here's the original blurb from the VHS cover.

Never has dire treachery or deceit lurked so cunningly concealed behind the open face of innocence or beneath such breathtaking beauty.

Who better than Vincent Price to guide us through the strange ad weird experience into the unknown world of supernature?

No invention of man can compare with the natural ingenuity of these strange earthly inhabitants which only exist by the death traps they must set, by their victims which they must devour or absorb.

Not until a team of eminent Oxford Scientists investigating the biology of natural death traps had spent years perfecting special equipment, cameras, lenses and techniques, could they attempt to capture this strange alien world for the screen.

There are predators which seal themselves in tubes of silk and lie and wait; some whose heads form trap doors, while others offer part of their bodies as bait.

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