Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The legacy of Vincent Price | The Vincent Price Art Gallery in East Los Angeles

The revamped Vincent Price Art Museum on the campus of East Los Angeles College looks amazing.

Originally opened back in 1957 by Vincent and his wife Mary, the collection includes artworks from Africa, New Guinea, ancient Egypt, Greece, Mexico, North America, South America, and works by important artist from the Renaissance to the present day, with some 2000 items from the Price's personal collection

The new art museum (which opened in May of this year) is the centerpiece of the college’s US$89m Performing and Fine Arts Center that includes workshops, seven gallery spaces and a 120-seat lecture hall for art history classes.

The museum is open to the public four days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12noon to 4pm and Thursday and Friday from 12noon to 7pm.

ELAC's...Vincent Price Gallery from larry abellera on Vimeo.

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