Tuesday, 18 September 2012

House of the Long Shadows - Restored at last?

Pete Walker's 1983 horror pastiche House of the Long Shadows might not be the greatest film ever made, but it was a real coup to have Vincent Price, John Carradine, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee all appear in the same film together.

Owning this time piece has been a bit of a challenge. The 1980s VHS version was typical of the era, muddy and out of focus; while the recent MGM Limited Edition and Spanish DVDs were just very, very dark. Now comes a restored version on DVD through Final Cut Entertainment in the UK and on Blu-ray in Germany through Koch Media. Will they be any better than what we have already seen before? I don't know, Im waiting for the DVD (released just yesterday, 17 September) to arrive. But if anyone has seen them, I would love to hear your views.

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Hector Castrejon said...

Hello! Do you now own both the UK dvd and the german blu ray? Which is best? Can I play any of them using my US PS3?
Please respond, I love this classic movie!