Monday, 22 October 2012

Les Baxter's score to The Comedy of Terrors gets its world premiere on CD

From Intrada comes the world premiere of Les Baxter's 1963 score for the American International fright picture, The Comedy of Terrors, directed by Jacques Tourneur, and starring those titans of terror Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone.

Rare for Les Baxter/AIP projects, the MGM vaults contained the complete score as recorded in mono. But the highlight for me will be hearing Joyce Jameson's intentionally hilarious out-of-tune song He Is Not Dead which is included in this special edition release.

1. The Mourners 3:36
2. Meet Cleopatra 1:19
3. Hearse Of A Different Color 7:44
4. Atmospheres 1:44
5. Two Birds 1:23
6. Up We Go 2:25
7. Abra-Cadaver 3:55
8. A Tisket A Casket 1:17
9. He Is Not Dead 2:19
10. Play It Straight 5:38
11. The Axe 4:39
12. Par For The Corpse 1:30
13. Waltzing 1:01
14. Never Say Die 0:49
15. That's All 2:17
Total Disc Time: 41:53

To hear some clips from some of the tracks, head over to the Intrada website.

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