Saturday, 17 November 2012

With Radio 4 Extra currently broadcasting The Price of Fear daily, here's a run-down of this week's tales of terror that you can still listen to (click here to go to the website).

Remains to be Seen
Two emasculated husbands plot to escape their domesticated lives.
3 days left to listen.

Cat's Cradle
An explicitly horrific tale of a boorish film director and a vengeful feline.
4 days left to listen.

Meeting in Athens
A couple in Greece are desperate to stay for three days more.
4 days left to listen.

The Man Who Hated Scenes 
A meek millionaire's chilling tale of taking subtle revenge on his cheating wife.
6 days left to listen, but you can hear it anytime at MrPrice07 on YouTube (click here)

Lot 132
Horror legend Vincent Price tells the artistically horrifying tale about a possessed painting.
7 days left to listen.

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