Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Vincent Price Action Figure from Executive Replicas

Finally unboxed this fantastic new Vincent Price action figure that has been produced by Blue Water Productions and Executive Replicas based on his Fortunato Luchresi character in The Black Cat episode of 1962's Tales of Terror. 

It features a very good likeness of Price (though more youthful than his film character), and the figure comes in a sturdy wooden box that looks like it should contain a fine vintage bottle of wine (perhaps something Price's Luchresi may have sampled along with Peter Lorre's wine bipper Montresor Herringbone in the film).

The front panel of the box has also been rendered with a picture of Price as Luchresi, making the box as much as keepsake as the action figure. A metal COA, endorsed by Vincent's estate, can also be engraved with your name on it if you purchase it through Executive Replicas.

In short, a great addition to my collection. Enjoy the slideshow...

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Gilgamesh said...

Wish he could actually be purchase somewhere. I would happily pay 200GBP for him to be honest. Fantastic figure.