Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Classic Horror Campaign to screen Theatre of Blood in London on 24 March

Public screenings of the Vincent Price cult classic Theatre of Blood are like waiting for a London bus these days - they're few and far between, then two come at once.

In additon to the NFT screening of the 1973 feature on 6 March, with actor Reece Shearsmith doing an introduction, the Classic Horror Campaign folks are featuring it in a Krazy Killers double-bill with the 1932 Lionel Atwill creeper Doctor X on 24 March at the Roxy Bar & Screen from 3pm.

To buy tickets go to WeGotTickets!



Sandy Leonard Snaps said...

What a treat to have found your blog by accident today. Vincent and I were friends for many years. Coral, too. I met him when I was writing his introductions for the American public television series 'Mystery!' (When he retired, I suggested that the producer get Diana Rigg to fill his shoes, which she did for several years. I wrote for her, too.) I am always delighted when I find or hear from a VP fan. And it seems that you are an especially enthusiastic one. If you would like to see some photos and text about VP that I've written about Vincent and Coral, I hope you will go to my blog and do a "search" for him.
All best wishes from snowy Boston.
-Sandy Leonard

Sandy Leonard Snaps said...

One more thing: One night when Vincent came to my home for dinner, I asked if he would voice the message on my telephone answering machine. He did, and I had that message for many, many years. Until I moved and my number changed. I still have the cassette tape with his voice. As Hollywood's Academy Awards are next week, I think of Vincent. He and I would always speak on the phone the day following the Oscars. Lots of great gossip. I miss him, a good friend. And, yes, I love 'Theatre of Blood,' too. So did he.