Wednesday, 7 August 2013

On this day in 1973 | Vincent Price starts filming Madhouse in London

Yes, it was on this day back in 1973 that Madhouse (aka The Revenge of Dr Death) began shooting, with Vincent Price and Peter Cushing finally sharing equal screen time as aging former horror star Paul Toombes and actor-turned-writer Herbert Flay, who unite to revive Toombes' screen character Dr Death for a TV series. But death stalks the corridors of the television studio in the form of a skull masked killer and several members of the show's cast and crew are murdered in grisly reenactments of Dr Death's greatest movie moments (as depicted in clips from some of Price's Poe/Corman films).

While the film in general is a bit of a letdown, the scenes between Price and Cushing are priceless as the two vets brilliantly play off each other leading to a big showdown when it transpires that Cushing is behind the killings. 

Here's some rare behind-the-scenes footage from a UK TV news report from the set back in 1973.

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