Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Treasury of Great Recipes - 50th Anniversary | Victoria Price takes a culinary road trip in memory of her parent's legendary cookbook

Next year marks the release of the 50th anniversary edition of Mary and Vincent Price's cookbook A Treasury of Great Recipes - now regarded as 'one of the most important culinary events of the 20th century' (Saveur Magazine).

To mark the occasion the Price's daughter, Victoria, has set up a new website, Cooking With Vincent, to honour her parent's love of food, as well as a road trip blog where she chronicles her journey back in time, revisiting many of the restaurants in the original book. 

''To me, A Treasury of Great Recipes is the embodiment of my parents' life philosophy. They were collectors of experience--of seeing art, meeting people, trying new foods, learning about new cultures, exploring design--and then incorporating the things they loved into the way they lived. The cookbook came about because they loved what they saw so much out in the world that they brought it home to share with their friends: Recipes given to them by a chef at a restaurant they loved, a set of plates brought home to remind them of a foreign country, stories of their incredible adventures, and of course the art. But mostly what they brought home was a repository of joy from which everyone who knew them could partake. Travel always re-whetted their immense appetite for life. And I am so grateful to have the opportunity this month to do the same for my own--and hopefully yours. If I hope to do anything by releasing the 50th anniversary edition of their cookbook, it is to remind us all--myself included--to make time for joy. I hope you will follow me on my adventures on the road this month, and write in to share some of your own that have been inspired by my parents and their wonderful cookbook.' Victoria Price.

You can explore the Cooking With Vincent website by clicking here, and follow Victoria's amazing culinary road trip blog by clicking here, which kicks off off in Texas.

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I am so excited that this is coming out! I am definitely going to check it out. :)