Sunday, 31 August 2014

Triple Distilled Horror! We Belong Dead Issue 14 showcases three Vincent Price cult classics

Vincent Price fans will want to get their claws on the latest issue of We Belong Dead, the British fanzine celebrating the Classic Age of Horror & Fantasy film, as there are three articles dedicated to the cult favourites, Scream and Scream Again, Pit and the Pendulum and Cry of the Banshee, while the front and back covers feature specially commissioned art work from Paul Watts and Dave Brux of Scream and Pit.


In Synthetic Flesh, Secret Agents and Psychotic Killers… John Llewellyn Probert re-examines Gordon Hessler’s 1970 sci-fi-horror hybrid Scream and Scream Again, which he calls ‘a unique piece of classic British cinema', and was a big favourite of the legendary Fritz Lang. It's also one of mine.

Steve West re-enters Roger Corman’s Pit in Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition to delve into the enduring legacy of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1842 short story The Pit and the Pendulum, while also looking at the making of Corman’s 1961 adaptation, which I reviewed for this blog when the Arrow Blu-ray was released earlier this year (you can read it here).

And in The Cuts that Killed the Cry of the Banshee, yours truly looks back at Gordon Hessler’s 1970 British horror - which sounded the final wail for AIP’s Price/Poe film series, to explore the differences between the AIP US theatrical cut and the original UK edit. Do let me know what you think of it, by leaving a comment below.

The 100-page Issue 14 also has features on Jaws, The Birds, Dr X, Vampira, From Beyond the Grave and The Fog, Targets and Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, as well as an interview with Hammer legend Veronica Carlson, and a retrospective look at her career (there’s also a signed photo on the inside jacket).

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