Sunday, 5 April 2015

It's just not Easter without a screening of Cecil B DeMille's The Ten Commandments (1956)

If you are intending on spending Easter Sunday on the couch, you might like to consider Cecil B DeMille's epic blockbuster The Ten Commandments, which screens today from 12.30pm on Sky Select (Sky 312/340, Virgin 412/442); following by The Greatest Story Ever Told at 4.15pm.

Amongst Hollywood stars appearing in the 1956 classic is Vincent Price, who plays Baka, Sethi I's master builder who upsets stonecutter Joshua (John Derek) when he steals his girl (Debra Paget). When Joshua comes her rescue, Baka sets his whip upon Joshua, whereapon Moses (Charlton Heston) strangles him. 

It's a great scene from a great movie, with Price getting some super lines like: 'You've seen me drive my chariot. I can flick a fly from my horse's ear without breaking the rhythm of his stride. You've seen me use my whip. You make no outcry, Joshua, but you will. You will cry for the mercy of death'.

Here's a couple of video tribute to Price's cameo.

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