Thursday, 3 September 2015

Cry of the Banshee | The Vincent Price London Legacy Tour of Grim's Dyke Hotel almost sold out!

London: Actor Vincent Price needs all the puff he can muster as he attempts to blow out the one hundred candles on this immense cake, presented to the actor during a recent champagne party held at Grim’s Dyke House in Harrow, England. The party began on a Saturday night and continued until the early hours of Sunday morning. The party was held to celebrate Price’s 100th film ‘Cry of the Banshee.’ Much of the filming was done at Grim’s Dyke House.

Only 6 tickets left for the 5th November lunch and tour of Grim's Dyke Hotel, the spiritual home of the kings of horror Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, part of the VINCENT PRICE LONDON LEGACY TOUR.

Book now before its too late! (click here for tickets)

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