Monday, 15 February 2016

Vincent Price's vintage shaggy dog tale The Book of Joe gets a 2016 reprint

Now here is just another reason why we all love Vincent Price. He loved animals, especially the four-legged variety. In 1961, he published The Book of Joe: About a Dog and his Man.

'This is a tale of how I went to the dogs or, to be numerically correct, to the dog. Now please do not expect this book to end with a glorious proclamation of rehabilitation. Not a chance. After fourteen years I’m incurably hooked on, intoxicated by, and addicted to - my dog Joe.'

Reading this shaggy dog tale/autobiography, which is beautifully illustrated by NBC courtroom artist Leo Hershfield (check them out below), you can hear Vincent's iconic voice on every page as he talks passionate about Joe and all the other pets he owned at the time.

Now this book is quiet the rarity, however a reprint is coming this year (due out at the end of April). It will also feature a new introduction from Victoria Price and is available to pre-order (and signed by Victoria) by following this link:

For more about the book: check it out here: 

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thousand eyes a fly said...

I already ordered mine at the beginning of February. Can't wait to read it.