Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fancy a Horror Holiday in the UK?

From The Abominable Dr Phibes to Witchfinder General, Derek Pykett’s unique guidebook, British Horror Film Locations, is a must-have for all Vincent Price and British horror fans.

Covering 100 British horror films, between the years 1932 to 2006, each entry includes credits, plot synopsis, and a description of the shooting locations, while separate chapters provide in-depth accounts of the locations themselves.

Amongst the surprises are locations that I have always wanted to visit, but never knew where they were; including Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk, which served as the setting for Roger Corman’s 1965 film The Tomb of Ligeia.

Well done Derek and also to location hunter Simon Flynn, who braved security guards, ferocious guard dogs, barbed wire and nettles in his quest to get the best photographs for us to see.

British Horror Film Locations
by Derek Pykett
ISBN: 9780786433292
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc

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