Friday, 3 February 2012

London's Old Vic Tunnels play host to some Hammer horror classics in February

OK so this post isn't about Vinnie, but do you fancy seeing a a host of Hammer horror in the dark dank depths of The Old Vic Tunnels in London? Well, starting Friday 10 February, and Hammer are presenting bloody classics like The Reptile, Frankenstein Created Woman and The Vampire Lovers and bringing them face to face with their 21st century counterparts: Wake Wood, Let Me In and the eagerly-awaited The Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

While the screening for The Woman In Black sold out weeks ago, there's still a feast for fans, with special guests like novelist/film critic Kim Newman, historian Marcus Hearn and Hammer veteran Madeline Smith treating attendees with readings and introductions, plus there's the world premiere of the new HD version of Dracula that's not be missed.

Saturday 11 February
3pm Twins Of Evil
7.30pm Vampire Circus (HD screening)

Sunday 12 February
3pm Hands Of the Ripper
7.30pm The Hound Of the Baskervilles

Thursday 16 February
7.30pm The Lost Continent

Friday 17 February
7.30pm The Vampire Lovers (HD screening)

Saturday 18 February
3pm Dracula (HD world premiere)
7.30pm Quatermass And The Pit (HD screening)

Sunday 19 February
3pm The Reptile (HD screening)
7.30pm The Plague Of The Zombies (HD screening)

Thursday 23 February
7.30pm The Witches

Friday 24 February
7.30pm Dracula Prince Of Darkness (HD screening)

Saturday 25 February
3pm Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell
7.30pm Frankenstein Created Woman

Sunday 26 February
3pm Wake Wood (HD screening)
7.30pm Let Me In (HD screening)

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