Tuesday, 26 March 2013

We Belong Dead, the UK fanzine dedicated to classic horror, is back from the dead

 WE BELONG DEAD, the UK magazine devoted to the classic age of horror and fantasy films, is being resurrected after 16 years.

Available from Thursday (28 March), issue nine is packed with articles that will have classic horror fans shivering with delight as they bring back fond memories of films like Twins of Evil, Witchfinder General, Night of the Demon, Tombs of the Blind Dead and Salem’s Lot

There also exclusive interviews with horror icons Barbara Shelley and the late Jean Rollin, an in-depth look at Peter Cushing’s Amicus roles and an hilarious alternative look at Hammer’s Dracula films. Plus, for aging Monster Kids (like me), there’s a wonderful nostalgic feature on the Aurora monster model kits of the 1960s.

The best thing about this horror fanzine is that is written by fans for fans, so it cuts to the chase with some very original and entertaining articles. I’ve just started on my copy and I can’t put it down (except to write this blurb, of course). I’ll be posting a full review soon.

To order a copy, contact Eric McNaughton at: wbdmagazine@yahoo.co.uk

• And why not check out the WE BELONG DEAD Facebook page.

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