Friday, 24 May 2013

Altitude Films release Scream and Scream Again and Madhouse on DVD in the UK

Just found these two Price titles are being re-issued on Region 2 DVDs from a new outfit called Altitude Films, part of a package of horror classics being released on Monday 27th May, the others are The Black Cat, The Raven, The Legend of Hell House, Phantom Lady, and Black Friday.

Other genre titles to be released include The St Valentines Day Massacre and Fugutive Kind (also 27th May); Hot Rock, McLintock! and Story of GI Joe on 3rd June;  Desiree and Arabian Nights on 10th June.

Will they be any different from the US MGM Home Entertainment releases? Will they come with new extras? Below is the blurb from the distributors. As soon as they arrive, I will update this post.

Scream and Scream Again, 1970 (Order Here)
Starring – Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing.
Police are called in to investigate a series of brutal murders. At first they believe the deaths are unrelated, until pathologist David Sorel (Christopher Matthews) performs a post-mortem revealing that each body has been sucked dry of blood, giving the appearance of the work of vampires. Ordered by a government official to destroy the evidence, the police drop the case. But Sorel refuses to stop looking into the mystery. In an attempt to capture the crazed killer he is led to the mysterious mansion of Dr. Browning (Vincent Price), where he finds a secret operating theatre; a workshop for the creation of super humans out of limbs and organs from living bodies. But in a sadistic twist, the mastermind behind Browning’s evil deeds pushes him into a vat of acid, putting a grisly end to his diabolical plans.

Madhouse, 1974 (Order Here)
Starring – Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Robert Quarry.
Paul Toombes (Vincent Price), veteran Hollywood horror film star, is making a comeback in a new TV series based on the old “Dr. Death” movies which first made him world famous. The trouble with Paul is his past. A beautiful young actress to whom he was engaged to be married was found murdered in strange circumstances. Although acquitted after standing trial for the killing, Paul’s career was shattered and the breakdown he suffered left him an unbalanced wreck. Now twenty years on, his old actor-friend Herbert Flay (Peter Cushing) welcomes him back to the role. But the curse of Dr. Death strikes again as a series of gruesome murders drag Paul into his past and he begins to wonder if he is in the grip of impulses totally beyond his control.

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