Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Vincent Price's House of Wax villain gets sculpted into a collectible action figure

From Distinctive Dummies comes a fantastic new 12" figure featuring Vincent Price as disfigured sculptor turned demented killer Henry Jarrod from 1953’s classic murder mystery, The House of Wax

Artist Steve Thompson has done a great job in capturing Price’s likeness under the gruesome fire scarred makeup and this is certainly one I’ll be adding to my collection, which already includes all four of Distinctive Dummies Mego-style Price figures from the two Dr Phibes films, Madhouse and The Masque of the Red Death, as well as the 12" figure of Price as Frederick Loren in The House on Haunted Hill (which came in colour and mono versions). 

Click on the link to order yours now, while stocks last!:

For more about House of Wax, read my 60th anniversary post (click here)

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