Saturday, 21 March 2015

Richard III: The King Laid to Rest | The former monarch's reinterment at Leicester Cathedral goes live!

From tomorrow, King Richard III's coffin will tour the towns and villages around Leicestershire and be placed on public display at Leicester Cathedral before being laid to rest this coming Thursday, which will be broadcast live in the UK on Channel 4 (at 10am, repeated at 8pm).

Nearly 530 years after his death and unceremonious burial in a roughly dug grave, the coming week will provide what many feel will be a dignified and honourable burial of King Richard that was denied him all those centuries ago.

So, in honour of the much-maligned last king of York and the last in the Plantagent dynasty, here's a chance to watch Roger Corman's highly-fictionalised 1962 Poe-esque historical horror Tower of London, featuring Vincent Price as the mad 'Crookback' Lord Protector of the realm who murdered his way to the highest office of the land.

Tower of London (1962) by MargaliMorwentari

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