Sunday, 19 July 2015

House of 1000 Dolls (1967) | Harry Alan Towers' exploitation thriller gets a HD makeover

Also getting a HD release on July 21 from Kino Lorber in the US is the 1967 Euro-thriller, House of 1000 Dolls.

Here are the SHOCKING FACTS discovered within the...
Two professional illusionists Felix Manderville (Vincent Price) and his wife Rebecca (Martha Hyer) help abduct unsuspecting female victims with their magic tricks for an international ring of white slave traders. While vacationing in Tangiers, American businessman (George Nader) and his wife (Anne Smyrner) are drawn into a kidnapping plot when their friend (Maria Rohm) becomes the underground ring's latest victim. Running against time, they only have a couple of days to find her before she's gone for good…

 Produced by B-movie mogul Harry Alan Towers and written under his usual pseudonym Peter Welbeck, this guilty pleasure of a thriller was directed by Jeremy Summers (The Vengeance of Fu Manchu). For a full review of the film, read my UK DVD release review here.

The Kino Lorber release features a re-mastered widescreen print of the film and includes an audio commentary with David Del Valle and cult filmmaker David DeCoteau. There's no word yet on whether any other extras will accompany the release, or if the rarely-seen Spanish version will be included. And it will be interesting to see how it compares with the excellent 2003 Mediumrare release or the German import release.

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