Wednesday, 23 December 2015

When Vincent Price met Jimmy Stewart at the Easy Valley Festival of Art

'God bess Vincent Price'
On 13 February 1972, Vincent Price played a parody of himself as 'one of Hollywood’s most ardent appreciators of fine arts' who also 'makes the best scary pictures in the world' when he guest starred in The Jimmy Stewart Show

Price Is Right 
This episode honored Vincent's real-life appreciation of the arts as it finds him tracking down a portrait of Jimmy's granddad by a notoriously witty Victorian artist, Sir Murdock Mackenzie, and ends up becoming the special judge of the Easy Valley Festival of Art. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Jake seizes on the chance to capitalise on Vincent's popularity...

It's a terrific episode which perfectlty captures Vincent's fun side. It was also one of those TV shows (like Batman and The Brady Bunch) which introduced me to Vincent Price (when I too was just 8). Watch it in full below.     

The Jimmy Stewart Show - Price Is Right (with... by DemonPreyer1

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