Monday, 16 May 2016

The Vincent Price Movie of the Week | While the City Sleeps (1956)

A killer is on the loose and smarmy media tycoon Vincent Price makes catching him the passport to a key job in his organisation. Ambitious rivals George Sanders and Thomas Mitchell are prepared to do almost anything, but both need the help of TV anchorman Dana Andrews.

In his last-but-one US film, director Fritz Lang casts a cynical eye over the world of popular journalism and the murder investigation takes second place to the assorted shifty dealings in the office. Ida Lupino, Rhonda Fleming and Sally Forrest all have a share in the twisting plot and the way in which they become pawns in the male characters' power games gives the story some of its most impressively sour moments.

It was on 16 May, 1956 that the thriller had its US premiere, before going on general release on 30 May.  And for your viewing pleasure, here it is in full.

While the City Sleeps (1956) Fritz Lang from Niney Holms on Vimeo.

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