Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fab at 50 | 1963's The Haunted Palace - just one of seven Vincent Price films celebrating their 50th anniversary

1963 was certainly a very good year for the merchant of menace Vincent Price as he had seven films hitting US cinemas throughout the year. The Raven, which also starred Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre, was released on 25 January, while the underrated Diary of a Madman came out on 6 March.

In July, he had a cameo as Big Daddy in July's Beach Party musical, while August saw the Italian-made swashbuckler Rage of the Buccaneers (which was actually made in 1961) and the HP Lovecraft-inspired chiller The Haunted Palace heading into cinemas and drive-ins (with Palace being today). Capping off the summer, Twice-Told Tales, featuring Vinnie in three different roles, would be released in September, while The Comedy of Terrors, which again teamed him up with Karloff and Lorre, as well as Basil Rathbone, would close the year, coming out on Christmas day.

Happy 50th anniversary one and all...


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Doug Roos said...

Vincent Price is a legend. I can't think of anyone today like him.